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2016.04.01 Draft Certification Criteria is open to public for commentsNEW
-No.130:Furniture Version2
-No.140:Refill Containers and Resource Saving Containers Version 1.9
-No.128:Household Commodity Version1.18
-No.143:Shoes and Footwear Version1.5
2016.01.20 Eco Mark News No.97 issued
2016.01.01 Certification Criteria established
-No.156:Sanitary wares such as toilet bowls, etc. Version1
-No.157:Faucets Version1
-No.158:Water-saving apparatus Version1
2015.11.02 Draft Certification Criteria is open to public for comments
-No.156:Sanitary wares such as toilet bowls, etc. Version 1
-No.157:Faucets Version 1
-No.158:Water saving apparatus Version 1
2015.11.01 Certification Criteria revised
-No.103:Clothes Version 3
-No.104:Household Textile Products Version 3
2015.08.15 Eco Mark News No.96 issued
2015.08.01 Certification Criteria established
-No.103:Clothes Version3
-No.104:Household Textile Products Version3
-No.105Textile Products for Industrial Use Version3
2015.07.15 Certification Criteria established
-No.132:Toner Cartridges Version2
-No.142:Ink Cartridges Version2
2015.06.15 Eco Mark News No.95 issued
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