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An Outline of the Eco Mark Program



Environmental problems are becoming global issue nowadays. Industrial pollution was the major cause of it in the past however it has been caused from our day - to - day living itself. It means, our economic activity and lifestyle that is rooted in mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal are causing environmental disruption and pollution.

We must reconsider our social system as well as our lifestyle to solve these environmental issues, then to bequeath beautiful environment and valuable resources to subsequent generation. Also it is necessary to develop the infrastructure by considering environmental - friendliness.

Eco Mark Program serves to suggest wise product choices for an ecological lifestyle and, ultimately, an environmentally sound society.

Eco Mark Design
Eco Mark is designed for our wish to “protect earth and environment by ourselves E “E Estands for both “Environment Eand “Earth Ewhich are embraced by the hands surrounding the earth gently.
This mark was selected out of the designs nominated for the Chief of Environment Agency Award submitted in response to the general invitation in 1988.

2.Purpose of the Eco Mark Program


Eco Mark Program is operated by Japan Environment Association (JEA), founded in 1989. By indicating Eco Mark on a product that is certified as being useful for environmental preservation, the product information is provided in view of environmental perspective. Also for consumers who wish to be in environmental - friendly living condition can make choice of products more easily.

1)As compared to similar products, the environmental impacts are relatively few through the whole life cycle ranging from the production to the disposal of the products.

2)By using the products, the effect which contributes significantly to environmental preservation, such as the environmental impact which is produced from other causes, can be reduced considerably.

Eco Mark Program is intended as a means of offering a choice of products with a lower environmental impact; however excess use of Eco Mark products does not lead to an environmentally sound society. Also, Eco Mark program is not intended to protect consumers direct benefit such as product quality and safety.
For further information of objectives of Eco Mark Program, please refer to Guidelines for Eco Mark Program Implementation.


3.Development in the commencement of Eco Mark Program

  1)In the 1980s, urban pollution aggravated, and global environment problems emerged. December 1986, Environment Agency drafted “Long - Term Concept of Environmental Preservation E- how any environmental preservation should be aiming at in the 21st century - , as one of the new environmental policy, the desirable manufacturing method, products with small environmental impacts, and examined the recommendation policy of the products that are easy to recycle for environmental preservation, and aiming at popularization of these methods and products were carried out.

2)Between 1987 and 1989, consignment from Environment Agency (Ministry of the Environment, at present), Japan Environment Association performed “Project for promoting products of environmental preservation types E The fundamental view of Eco Mark modeled after the environmental protection label (Blue Angel) of West Germany etc. was shown.

3)In response to these, Eco Mark Project was started by the Japan Environment Association from February, 1989 (Heisei Era commenced).
4.Using and Indicating Eco Mark
  Using and indicating Eco Mark, a product must meet the necessary criteria comply with the product categories. Precisely, it needs to be applied for formal certification examination that a product is subject to, then certified by Eco Mark Committee for Product Certification. It is required to conclude the Eco Mark Contract of Utilization with Japan Environment Association (JEA) for every product that is subject to.

(note) As for a name and logo of Eco Mark, Japan Environment Association holds the trademark right. Unauthorized use of Eco Mark may be set as the objects, such as a wrong use that corresponds to legislative action and contains criminal penalty. It is prohibited to use and indicate Eco Mark except the user who concluded Eco Mark Contract of Utilization.